Super Star, Denver

Super Star Asian Cuisine
2200 W. Alameda Ave. #5A
Denver, CO 80223

Dim Sum was undoubtedly my mom’s favorite type of meal. Like many people born and raised in Hong Kong, Dim Sum was a huge part of her upbringing and identity. This Dim Sum culture continued in America with the large number of Hong Kong immigrants moving here in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. To this day, you can find any number of large Cantonese restaurants across the country (especially in the San Gabriel Valley, San Francisco, and New York) filled to the brim on weekend mornings and early afternoons with people lining up to an hour and a half for a table. (If you are unfamiliar with Dim Sum, please read this excellent beginners guide to Dim Sum on BuzzFeed)

Unsurprisingly, Dim Sum was a big part of my childhood. My family spent many weekends traveling to the San Gabriel Valley to eat at the best Dim Sum restaurants in America. It didn’t hurt that at some places dishes cost as low as $1.88 each.

Because of these experiences, Dim Sum is a vital part of my identity as a Cantonese person. As such, many of the first “authentic Chinese” meals I take my non-Chinese friends to is Dim Sum. It’s a great way to show my friends a meal that is so important to me while also allowing them to try different items without busting the wallet. No surprise, the first Chinese meal I ate with my new roommate was Dim Sum.

While Star Kitchen on Mississippi and Federal is generally acknowledged as serving the best Dim Sum in Denver, we decided to go to Super Star Asian Cuisine because it was a little bit closer to where we live. Another advantage is its proximity to the Pacific Ocean Marketplace, allowing one to eat Dim Sum and then do some Chinese grocery shopping right next door.


We arrived around 1:15PM and was promptly seated, which was good given that the place was relatively full when we arrived. Following the delivery of Chrysanthemum Tea and ice water, the trolley carts started arriving (Denver does not have a large Dim Sum parlor doing paper menu ordering yet). First up was the fried items cart, where we picked out a plate of soy sauce chow mein, potstickers, and daikon cakes. The soy sauce chow mein was nothing special, as expected, while the potstickers and daikon cakes were generally good. They were fried just right for a near-perfect texture, though the filling ingredients could have had more flavor.

Next we skipped the congee and tripe cart to sample items from the steamed items cart. We got shui mai, har gow, and tofu with shrimp. My roommate loved the shui mai while I thought it was decent, though nothing to write home about if I were in Monterey Park, California. We both agreed that while the shrimp was good in the har gow, the wrapper was a bit mushy and slimy. I loved the shrimp and tofu, but my roommate did not like the texture.

For dessert we had sesame balls with lotus seed paste, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, they had sold out of egg custard tarts and almond tofu, so we could not sample those as I had liked.

All in all, Super Star Asian Cuisine has pretty decent Dim Sum, rivaling any Dim Sum place in Chicago, San Diego, or Boston. The quality here is not near the levels I could find in San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles; but I am blessed that Denver’s Cantonese cuisine scene is robust enough to give me as satisfying taste of home.

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  1. […] good too. Unfortunately, the siu mai was blander than I had hoped (and certainly not as good as Super Star Asian). The worst, however, was the plate of Chinese broccoli. The stems were quite tough and they did […]

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