New Canton BBQ, Aurora

New Canton BBQ
2751 S. Parker Rd., Suite B
Aurora, CO 80014

One of my favorite memories as a child was going to the local Cantonese style BBQ shop and buying a roast duck, soy sauce chicken, roast pork, or barbecued pork back home. Aside from Dim Sum, Cantonese style BBQ is another critical staple of Cantonese cuisine. You cannot go to one wedding banquet, big birthday celebration, or holiday family get together without at least several pounds of roast pork or roast duck. Therefore, when I saw an ad in the local Chinese newspaper advertising a Cantonese barbecue place in the Denver area, I had to go.

Located next to the H-Mart in Aurora, New Canton BBQ occupies a small and relatively unassuming space. The first time I entered New Canton, it was as if my childhood memories returned. There were roast ducks, soy sauce chickens, and a huge rack of roast pork hanging in the Chinese barbecue racks. On the steam trays were Cantonese barbecue delicacies, including duck wings and pig intestines.

New Canton 1

During my latest visit I ordered a roast pork and soy sauce chicken rice plate. The plate came with soup, made with a light pork broth and watercress. The soup was pretty delicious, reminding me of the chicken and watercress soup my mom would make. When the rice plate came out, it had generous portions of roast pork, soy sauce chicken, and lightly broiled broccoli. The roast pork had succulent meat and crispy skin, making it nearly perfect. The soy sauce chicken was juicy and tender. The broccoli was even cooked fairly well. I even ordered a half pound of barbecue pork to go, and that was quite delicious as well.

New Canton 2

Service was pretty great as well. It’s run by a small family, with the wife from Taishan and the husband from Kaiping in Guangdong Province. They were very attentive, even when busy, willing to refill soup, rice, and water. They also took care to make sure that their small shop is nearly spotless as well to be very inviting.

I am truly grateful that New Canton BBQ opened up shop. No longer do I have to pine for my next trip to California for my next affordable fix of roast duck.

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