Street Food Asia, Albuquerque

Street Food Asia
3422 Central Ave. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Today I am taking a slight detour from my coast to coast road trip in honor of my move to Albuquerque. As some of my readers already know, over the past 2-3 weeks I have posted less regularly not only because of my roadtrip, but because I accepted a new job in Albuquerque. While Albuquerque does not have the variety that Southern California or even Denver has in terms of Asian restaurants, there are certainly gems to be found.

My first Albuquerque Asian restaurant is Street Food Asia. Now, for full disclosure I do know the chef/owner of the restaurant and he and I have a good rapport from my previous time living here. However, I am writing this review as accurate as possible based on my meal earlier today trying to be fair and unbiased as possible.

When I entered Street Food Asia this afternoon for lunch, I was promptly greeted and seated. Unlike some restaurants that insist on single guest patrons to sit at the bar or grab a small corner table, Street Food Asia is very welcoming and generous to allow single guest patrons to sit at any 2 person table in the restaurant. I truly appreciate that service, given that some times I do want a nice table to eat food by myself.

Street Food Asia

As I sat down, I browsed their rather voluminous menu. Since I did want some stir fried noodles I opted for the Malaysian style chow fun (chow fun are the wide, flat rice noodles that are commonly found in Cantonese cuisine). Additionally, I ordered some chicken spring/egg rolls to add an item and compliment my dish. The chow fun was great, with a nice flavor that was not too spicy and filled with fresh mushroom and Chinese broccoli. The noodles were also evenly stirred and not overly sauced, showing good wok skills. The spring/egg rolls were good as well, if a bit large compared to traditional Vietnamese egg rolls. They had a nice filling of chicken, shredded carrots, and cellophane noodles with a wrapper that was not too crispy and thin enough to enjoy the filling.

Although the food was good, the service was not as great as I remembered. The waitress, who may be new as I was not familiar with her, seemed a bit pushy as she didn’t really give me much time to look at the rather large menu before she asked me to order. Also, the main entree came before the appetizer, which typically should not happen. However, my water was regularly refilled and while my waitress seemed a little pushy, she was congenial otherwise.

I’ll likely stick to going to dinner here rather than lunch, given that the servers tend to be a little more experienced and rather nice. However, regardless of the time of day, Street Food Asia serves some great food. Given that the owner/chef has immense experience in Cantonese and Asian food, I would expect no less. Hopefully his new fast casual concept, Street Food Market, will be just as good.

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