Ming Dynasty, Albuquerque

Ming Dynasty
1551 Eubank Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

When I first moved to Albuquerque last year I worried and dreaded that I wouldn’t find any authentic Cantonese food place in the city. After all, Albuquerque isn’t exactly known for their Chinese population, even if it has a fairly sizable Vietnamese population. I searched the internet one day in hopes that there would at least be one place that serves authentic Cantonese style Dim Sum in this city. Lo and behold there is one place (and exactly one place): Ming Dynasty.

After not visiting there for a year, a friend and I decided to eat there again today. As Sunday morning is probably the best time to eat Dim Sum and find out the quality of a Dim Sum serving establishment, it’s probably the best opportunity to write about the experience for my blog.

Ming Dynasty

We sat down and I ordered tea and water for the table, the service being prompt and delightful. Immediately, as usual, the waitresses with carts started streaming our way with a selection of items. The first cart that arrived was filled with fried and grilled items. My friend requested the stuffed bell peppers, a favorite of my mom’s, which turned out pretty decently with a good balance of the shrimp and bell pepper flavor. We also got a fried dumpling with chives and shrimp which was decent, if not remarkable. Next came one of the carts with steamed items, where we got some sticky rice with chicken, shu mai, and pork spare ribs. The stick rice was good with generous amounts of chicken and seasoning that was flavoring but not overpowering. The shu mai was good, the pork being well seasoned and just the right amount of chew. The spareribs were solid as well, without some of the overpowering pepper or black bean you find at some other establishments.

We then ordered some steamed rice noodles with shrimp and preserved duck with minced pork congee. The steamed rice noodles were poorly made, making for a gloopy mess that was overly drenched in soy sauce. The congee lacked a little seasoning, especially pepper, and my friend was not much of a fan. To end the meal we had egg custard tarts, which were solid in flavor, though could have used a little more heat.

The service was fast and efficient with waiters refilling water and carts coming to us in a reasonable pace. The value was also pretty reasonable with the check coming to about $31 for 8 small Dim Sum plates.

The quality of food is certainly not to the level that you would find in the San Gabriel Valley or San Francisco. However, for Albuquerque this would certainly be a good foray for any beginner on what Cantonese Dim Sum is like and does a reasonable job in taking care of my Dim Sum cravings in between my trips to California. Their dinner menu seems decent as well, and something I will have to try at another time.

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  1. […] their attempt is sub-par and deceptive. If Burquenos truly want to try some Dim Sum, please go to Ming Dynasty – which is as close as authentic Cantonese style Dim Sum as you’ll get in the Land of […]

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