China Phoenix, Tucson

China Phoenix
7090 N. Oracle #172
Tucson, AZ 87502

On my way home to San Diego from Albuquerque last weekend I stopped in Tucson to stay the night at my friends’ place. One of friends had been talking about a place in Tucson that serves Dim Sum for a while. Unfortunately, I always seemed to drive by Tucson on the weekdays, so this was the first time I had the chance to try Dim Sum in Tucson.

We entered the restaurant around 11:30 and were prompted seated. As usual, carts filled with steamed items started rolling by. Unusual, however, was when our server specifically asked if we wanted vegetables and what vegetables we would like. I didn’t mind the surprising question as I love Chinese greens, but it was just a little odd given that plates of vegetables are usually treated as an after thought or an expensive side options at a Dim Sum parlor.

China Phoenix

We ordered Chinese Broccoli with oyster sauce. As the carts rolled by we also also grabbed some shu mai, shrimp dumplings, chive dumplings, steamed bbq pork buns, barbeque platter (roast pork, bbq pork, and roast duck), sticky rice, a Chinese curry empanada, and pork spareribs. Of all the items we got, I loved the pork spareribs and shu mai the best. They were seasoned well and not too tough, as they can be overcooked sitting on steamed carts for a while. The roast park on the barbeque platter was good too with a nice crisp to the skin. However, the bbq pork (char siu) on that platter was quite dry and bland. The vegetables were a little overcooked for me, since I like a little crisp on my vegetables, but they were marinated well with the oyster sauce.

All in all the Dim Sum was comparable to other Dim Sum parlors in Washington, DC and Albuquerque. It’s certainly not to the level of California, but I didn’t expect it to be. However, I am just thankful that people in mid-sized cities that don’t have a huge Chinese population have access to quality Cantonese cuisine. Perhaps I will have time the next time I’m in Tucson to try out their dinner menu.

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