Sam Woo, San Diego

Sam Woo
7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste. 103
San Diego, CA 92111

This weekend has been quite busy, with a number of celebrations. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, when she would have turned 54. On Thursday, my sister had her 8th grade promotion to high school. Of course, today is father’s day. Because of all of these wonderful occasions, I went home to San Diego and celebrate with my family.

On Friday I landed around dinner time and, of course, I immediately asked my dad if we could go eat dinner on the way back home. He agreed so after we paid respects to my mom, we headed to Sam Woo. While Sam Woo isn’t necessarily a favorite restaurant of my family, it is one that we ate in a lot because of its affordable prices and location inside the venerable 99 Ranch Market in San Diego.

Sam Woo 1

My dad, sister, and I walked in and put our names on the sign in/waiting list sheet. Within a few minutes our table was ready and we say down, ready to order an eat. My sister decided to get Singaporean style rice vermicelli, my dad ordered a bowl of wonton and dumpling noodle soup, and I finished by asking for a roast duck and soy sauce chicken rice plate along with a side of water spinach (ong choy) stir fried in fish paste. The food came out reasonably fast and I was able to sneak a bite of everything:

  • Roast Duck and Soy Sauce Chicken Rice Plate (came first, the soy sauce chicken was well seasoned without too much soy sauce, duck was meaty and fatty despite initial fears of a lean duck, while the rice was a bit dry)
  • Singaporean Style Rice Vermicelli (decent mild curry sauce with crisp vegetables. noodles could be a little more al dente)
  • Wonton and Dumpling Noodle Soup (soup, as usual for Sam Woo, was a bit salty and the dumpling was okay)
  • Water Spinach Stir Fried in Fish Sauce (pretty aromatic and pungent with the fish sauce, which means it was excellent with flavor)

Sam Woo 3

Service was a little slow, but it is understandable given that the San Diego Sam Woo seems constantly busy and they barely have enough staff to cover the fast paced service. Service is a little bit better in the Irvine location, but that’s considered the flagship restaurant of sorts.

All in all, good Chinese food that made me feel like living childhood memories. My mom would be quite proud.

Sam Woo 2

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