Pho Saigon, Las Cruces

Pho Saigon
1160 El Paseo Rd #D12-14
Las Cruces, NM 88001

I have been traveling a lot for work recently, mainly in Southern New Mexico. Most of these places are areas that I have only stopped briefly in on my way to San Diego via Tuscon (Deming) or places I have never been before but really loved when I went there (Silver City). Of course, these work trips give me a chance to taste how Asian food is in other parts of New Mexico.

On one of those days, my coworker and I decided to eat some Vietnamese food. After working and taking a brief rest, we drove a couple miles from our hotel to Pho Saigon, one of two places in Las Cruces that serves Vietnamese food, at least when it comes to doing a Google search.

We arrived and quickly were seated given that it was around 9PM and only a couple tables were occupied. Our server quickly gave us cups of water as well as the Jasmine tea I ordered as we browsed the menu for our appetizer and entree selections. After waiting a little while for our server to come back, we ordered the following:

Combination Pho

Combination Pho

  • Egg Rolls – The 3 egg rolls were long and thin, reminding me a little bit more of lumpia. The filling was pretty good and came with a nice side of nuoc cham. I did wish it came with a little bit more garnish and lettuce, but they were very tasty nonetheless.
  • Crispy Fried Shrimp – My coworker and I definitely didn’t think it was some very battered, deep fried shrimp when we ordered it. To say the least, the breading was too thick and also overcooked the shrimp. To say this dish was a disappointment is an understatement.
  • Pho Tai Nam, Gan, Gau, Sach, Bo Vien – Their combination pho was nice with a more subtle broth that gave it good flavor but not so much as to overpower the flavor of the beef slices, noodles, and other ingredients. The noodles were cooked decently, not as chewy as I like, but definitely not overcooked either. The beef slices were nice and came rare, as it should with beef balls a nice touch. I just wish they had larger bowls (this was their largest) with more noodles and beef.

I did not try my coworkers bun (thin rice vermicelli) bowl, but it did look delicious. All in all I feel that the pho hit the spot, even if it could have been larger, while the appetizers could have been improved. Despite that, however, it was definitely pretty decent Vietnamese food and I am pretty thrilled that those who live in and around Las Cruces can have a taste of Vietnamese food.

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