Nyonya, New York City

199 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013

My trips to Washington, DC and New York city are always a chance to reconnect with friends, both close friends and friends who I haven’t seen in a really long time. This past trip was no different and gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my godsister (my mother was her godmother). Since she had lived in Singapore for a few years growing up, we decided to try out a Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant called Nyonya in Lower Manhattan.

We arrived around 7:45PM on a Monday night and got one of the few 2 seaters left open in the restaurant. After being seated we took a little while to browse through the dozens of selections on the menu, each looking more delectable than the last. However, we decided to order a few entrees and a few appetizers to share:

Roti Canai at Nyonya

Roti Canai at Nyonya

  • Roti Canai – This was my first time having this dish, and I instantly saw why Malaysians love to have this for breakfast. The light, airy roti matches perfectly with the curry sauce. The delicious, but not super heavy, dish was a good way to start off a meal, if not the entire day.
Beef Satay at Nyonya

Beef Satay at Nyonya

  • Beef Satay – The satay sauce was nice and had none of the gloopy high fructuse corn syrup taste you find in some of the cheaper satay sauces on the shelves. That said, the beef skewers were a little tough and probably too well done. It could have used a light marinade or a little less time in the heat.t said
Hainanese Chicken with Rice at Nyonya

Hainanese Chicken with Rice at Nyonya

  • Hainanese Chicken with Rice – The chicken was good, the dipping sauces were decent, but we both agreed that the rice wasn’t quite pulling its weight. While we might have tasted hints of chicken fat or stock, there definitely was not enough rendered juice, which is one of the signature parts of the dish. That said, the chicken was really tender and not too salty helping to make the dish decent, if not spectacular.
  • Chow Kueh Teow – This was a pretty solid version of the stir fried seafood noodle dish. We loved how the dish had a good “wok hei” (freshly woked aroma), fresh seafood, and a decent amount of sauce with a little kick of spice.

All in all, we really liked the restaurant. While the flavors of some of the dishes weren’t quite what we were hoping for, it gave both of us a nice satisfying bite of a cuisine that I believe is still too hard to find in the United States. There were a lot more items I wanted to try from the menu, however. This includes their Nasi Lemak and Assam Laksa. Of course, this just means I need to take more frequent trips to New York City to try it all out. Something which I absolutely do not oppose.


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