Born and raised in Southern California in a more traditional Chinese family, I have always been fascinated by all types of Asian food. Growing up in San Diego’s North County I had access to great Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean food. I was blessed to have family friends who made homecooked Burmese, Malaysian, and Singaporean food. As a child, my family would routinely trek to the San Gabriel Valley, a suburban mecca to Chinese food that is still considered the best area in the nation for Chinese food and almost rivaling Vancouver’s Richmond for best Chinese food concentration in North America.

This blog is a tribute to my late mother, Grace, who instilled her passion for all kinds of Asian food, but particularly Chinese food, at a young age.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. JJ Scott says:

    Awesome blog, Jon!

  2. Steve says:

    Love your blog. Found your link on Chowhound. This is Steve from the DC board. I regularly organize group Chowhound meals, and if you like I might be able to get some folks together ‘in your honor.’ We get to test more of the menu that way. I might even be able to get Seng at Thip Khao to prepare something special for us…… let me know.

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